Who's mom didn't make meatloaf every week? There are a lot of vegan meatloafs to make. I adapted tot include the spices my mom would add to hamburger.

This is a favorite of ours. Be sure ingredients are blended in batches in cuisinart until a mashed consistency. Everything should stick together so you can pat in pan.

1c. brown lentils. Do not use French Lentils. Those are for salads as they don’t break down when cooked.

3c. sliced carrots or 1 bag frozen sliced carrots.

1c. red or white onion chopped fine. (use cuisinart)

1c. walnuts

1c. regular oatmeal (not instant)

3t. minced garlic

3/4c parsley

1t. horseradish from a jar. Can be creamed or hot or plain

1T of a spice like herbes de provence or Italian seasoning.

4 stems of portobello mushrooms or 1 c. of chopped mushrooms (I save the stems from portobellos we have for burgers. I save in freezer to use in my meatloaf.

Bring 2c of water to a boil. Add 1c of the lentils, turn heat down to med and cook until water is absorbed. Put in batches in food processor with sharp blade and blend til a mash. Add to med large mixing bowl.

Cook carrots in microwave til tender or defrost the bag of carrots, process in cuisinart til a mash with the parsley and horseradish. Add to bowl

Cuisinart onion til minced fine. Add to bowl.

Blend walnuts, 1/2c oatmeal, ground tomato or mushrooms in cuisinart til chopped fine but not to a paste. Place in bowl with other ingredients

Then add the last 1/2c oatmeal without grinding it. Mix well.

Pat into  a 9x9 pan. Spread top with mix of 1/8c catsup and 1/8c. bbq sauce. There are sugars in these products, but you are using so little.

Bake 30-40 min at 350. Serve with following.


2c. water cold water

2T. constarch or arrowroot powder

1t each of kitchen bouquet and worsteshire sauce. If you are strict vegan there are other spices you could use.

3 raw sliced mushrooms

Mix together in med. saucepan cold and stir til cornstarch dissolved . Heat on med high stirring constantly and then turn down to med and cook til sauce thickens.

Mashed Rutabagas, Turnip and Sweet Potato

1 med of each Rutabaga, turnip and a sweet potato or yam

cut all into 1 inch cubes. cook til tender in a glass pyrex with 1/8c water covered in microwave. Drain and mash. Season with pepper, garlic salt and Mrs. Dash

Vegetable of choice on side. I have zucchini from garden as it is one of my prolific crops. Cube it, season and roast in a pie pan with the lentil loaf the last 15min. Broccoli good also.