Ingredients: 1 avocado, 1/4t. garlic salt (Lawrys is best), 1/8c. chopped red onion, 1/8c. chopped or for individual 3 small tomatoes, 1/4c. ground defrosted frozen peas, slice of lime squeezed. opt. 2t. chopped cilantro, Ryvita or Wasa cracker. (notice I did not say chips. Check label for oils especially hydrogenated. These crackers seem to be very simple)

Note to remove pit: Slice around whole avocado. With hands twist in opposite direction to open. To release pit, litely tap with blade of knife, not point of knife, it will lock onto pit and then easily remove by tapping on side of waste can.

Two ways to prepare. For myself. 1. With fork, scoop out desired amount and mash onto a cracker. Sprinkle garlic salt to taste and top with sliced small tomatoes. I love when I’m cooking at night. 2. To make a bowl for sharing, mash whole avocado in bowl. Defrost peas and on grind setting of small food processor grind peas. Fold into avocado with onion, tomato, garlic salt and lime.

Note: We also love my husbands sauerkraut on was a cracker with cashew cream I make and the tomatoes. No garlic salt. My grandson loves it!