Steam 8 oz tempeh for 20 min in bamboo steamer (steamers at Asian markets). I even find brand new in box at thrift stores. Remove and slice into bacon thin slices with sharp knife across short width. Toast bread slices and put lettuce tomato and vegannaise for a yummy BLT.

Make marinade

1 minced garlic

1/4c soy sauce or tamari (if you are gluten free or require less salt)

2 t liquid smoke

3 T maple syrup

1 T onion granules

Mix together in covered flat container that tempeh will fit in. Place steamed tempeh into dish on marinade.With lid on, gently turn upside down and back again. Put in fridge a few hours and then turn over to marinade other side a few hours.  Best marinaded overnight.  OPT:  add other veggies like broiled eggplant slices or jarred roasted red pepper. We use toasted DAVES bread.