Growing up I made apple pie with my mom. She taught me how to make the best crust and I made often. Fall makes me think of pie again and memories of mom. These apples fit the bill with a small scoop of soy ice cream on top.

Here you see 6 apples cut in half. I just pick large apples so I don’ think it really matters what kind. Cut, core and lay face down in baking pan that fits the apples. Sprinkle 1/2c. of cinnamon red candies over all. (I buy in bulk at Winco) Add 1/3c water. Bake in oven at 350 degrees. After 20 mins poke with a knife to see if tender. Bake 10min longer if too firm. If you bake too long they become like mush and skin becomes wrinkled. Still good but not as pretty. Serve w/small scoop of soy ice cream. Our favorite is Trader Joes vanilla soy ice cream.