I know it’s a processed product but there are vitamins in it. Does have some canola oil. You know the saying “it’s not easy being green” but we try. I take an extra firm 7 oz block of tofu. Just pour off water and cut into ¼ inch thick blocks 2x2. Do not squeeze tofu. Pour one packet of shake n bake into pie pan. Coat each side  of tofu squares and place on baking sheet w a Silat or parchment paper so no added oil or lightly spray pan w non stick spray. bake 350 for 15 min or til just golden but still a little springy to touch. I also cut firm tofu into “fishstick” size pieces and marinade in a little braggs aminos and some scirracha for just 5 min. These bake up nicely too. Use a silpat so they do not stick for both.

 Note : This is huge! I have since changed my recipe to using Italian breadcrumbs that I buy in bulk from Winco. Progresso brand also makes a good Italian or plain style to which I add my own spices to make it Indian, Mexican, Italian etc. Children love the “chicken McNugget” appeal. We also make sandwiches out of the marinated. Add a touch of liquid smoke and wah la, BLT sandwich. Also, roll zucchini or eggplant in the crumbs and bake the same. We put in tacos instead of the smoked tofu now. Another new option: we roll tofu cubes in arrowroot before baking. They kinda taste fried.