1/2c. raw caschews

¼ water

2t. worcestershire sauce

juice of one lemon

3 whole artichokes packed in water (costco)

3T. water from artichokes in jar

1 can Roland rolled anchovies w/capers. drain but don’t rinse. (bought at Winco)

1t. minced garlic

Soak caschews in the water in the vitamix for an hour. Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Like on 2 or 3 setting.

Complete salad below

1 head romaine cleaned and torn into bite size or use whole spears. You can also throw spears on grill for just a min or 2. Another great way.

Add cherry tomatoes to garnish. Opt: sprinkle nutritional yeast on top to mimic parmesan. Note: I know I use anchovies. I am veganish. If I go astray it’s because anchovies are very small feeder fish and they aren’t in ocean long enough for me to have concern.