Carrot Pate (can also be used as a spread for an appetizer)

Carrot Pate (can also be used as a spread for an appetizer)

In a vitamix (other blenders don’t compare), blend:

4 med carrots clean but not peeled. end removed though.

1/2c raw caschews

1t. curry powder

2T lemon juice

1t. ginger (tip: I buy fresh ginger. cut into quater size circles and keep in freezer so I have a good supply).

1/4c chopped parsley or cilantro

large rice wrap (by 3 Ladies)

green leaf or butter or red leaf lettuce

tomato sliced

diced baked sweet potato

sliced baked smoked tofu or use tofu you have baked.

leftover garbanzo beans but you can use any leftover from your weekly supply of beans you have made in instant pot.

Place ½ inch of cool water in a skillet.

Dip one rice wrapper in. Be sure to submerge. Let soak for 30 sec.

Remove and drip dry up and down with your hands over a paper towel

Lay on a large dinner plate. Spread out with fingers.

Gently spread carrot pate down middle.

Layer lettuce, beans, tomato.

With fingers fold bottom up over filling. Fold in sides. Finish rolling.

Note: The ingredients vary in quantity depending how much you can get in there. Use picture for hint.