i love eggplant and when you see my recipes, a lot of ingredients can be used interchangeably. I had some extra eggplant slices I had from making the lasagna. Nothing goes to waste around here. I was hungry for a snack and my husband finished the hummus.

5 broiled ½" eggplant slices

¼-1/3c. chopped parsley (chop or it gets tangled in cuisinart)

1/4c. whole or sliced green or black pitted olives

1 heaping T. drained capers

1/4c. coarse chopped red onion

season w/ a dash garlic salt or mrs. dash

Put all in cuisinart and on off chop so still chunky.

serve with the lavash crackers from another post or use a cracker like rye WASA brand. Not the sesame it has palm oil. NO palm oil. check the label.

Option 2:

Roast ½ of large eggplant til fork tender in oven

In vitamix. Blend on low so still chunky with

1c pitted dates

1/2c. red onion.