This is the end of another year being veganish. I cannot tell you how it has been the best medicine for my husband since “sliced white bread”. And I have benefitted being along for the ride. If you can stick with a plant based diet for at least 21 days, you will be amazed at how you will feel. I recommend Dr. Barnards 21 day kickstart. Most people look down on plant based so I encourage them to start here with good sage advice and a little bit of animal protein. It is hard to not be social and socializing is necessary. People I love will never go plant based so we might have a bite of meat here and there just to be social. Still the animal must be wild or humanely raised. At least by starting a plant based diet you will be surprised how your tastebuds will change so you aren’t addicted to all that sugar, salt and fat.

I know you might think it is monumental to go vegan. It is necessary to purge your pantry and fridge of processed food.  Stock the fridge with muffins, beans, a wild rice salad, coleslaw, soup, a lasagna, lentil meatloaf, the faux tuna salad. I can make several things at once on a weekend but clean once. You cannot tell me that vegan is more expensive. I go to Winco for bulk. Costco, trader joes,whole foods,grocery outlet and everywhere else in-between. I don’t have slimy chicken and meat on my counter to clean up. Organic is not a must. Don’t obsess about that. Wash your fruit and veggies with an added t. of cider vinegar added to water.

If I don’t post any recipes regularly it is because we cook the same things over and over and look forward to them. Eating is to live not  liveing to eat. We have a simple diet. Some nights are leftovers and mixing lots of things together with beans over the top which suits us just fine. Fill your life with things you like to do when you’re off work. Get a vitamix, instapot, food processor, and restock your pantry with real food, not packaged.