One of my favorite lunches used to be tuna sandwich dipped in tomato soup. This is my husband’s recipe he found through his course at Rouxbe cooking school. My grown children like. I consider them my best critics.

3c cooked garbanzos (chickpeas) made in the instant pot. Canned beans of any kind are too salty. Making your own is so cheap too. I always say, buy bulk products like your beans.

You can leave whole or rough chop in cuisinart which I like

3-4T minced red onion

1/2c. minced celery

1 large pickle minced. I like 1/4c. pickle relish sweet or not

2T nori seaweed sheets.

salt and pepper to taste

2 Tbls. vegannaise (it has canola oil but we don’t eat everyday and I have cut amount from original recipe) or use cashew sour cream and some of juice from pickle relish.

Caschew sour cream

1/2c. raw caschews

1/4c. water

1 small clove garlic

pinch salt

Optional: Can add 2 whole artichokes packed in water(not the oil ones) (use water from artichokes in place of water above)

Blend in vitamix til creamy.

Mix all ingredients together for a sandwich.