I am thrilled that my husband was interviewed for his whole foods plant based lifestyle in the Sacramento Bee. When we started changing what we were eating, I knew I was not going to give up all the things I loved and so I would have to adapt them to plant based. On the way though I learned that I also benefitted. Now I feel, whole foods gave me back my body. It gave me more energy, At 67 (73 since I wrote this) I still feel 40.  It was less expensive than the standard diet we were used to. It eliminated sugar, fat, too much salt and most processed foods. The more I got into it, my recipe collection grew. I would try to take food I loved and transform to plant based. Today, I do not like the processed vegan foods and try to make my own burgers or my favorite discovery TVP; textured vegetable protein that we add which gives the consistency of hamburger in chili, meat pie and soups. My son helped me make a blog so I would have some record keeping. Through the years I have noticed so many very cute sites about vegan but beware and make sure you aren't just attracted to beautiful but sugar,salt and oil are prevalent on site. No recipe should include a 1/4 or 1/2c of any of those. I'll give you a teaspoon or so of oil and try dates for sugar. Get used to very little salt. This way of eating can be time saving also. I can make several dishes in a few hours on a weekend while watching an old movie. This fills the fridge for my husbands lunch and dinners to just pop in microwave during the week. We actually love cooking extra so we have leftovers.