I'm sorry but my guacamole is better than any I have had. On a wasa cracker or an appetizer, on tacos, enchiladas. The best

1 large somewhat soft avocado mashed

1/2c chopped tomato

1/4c chopped fine red onion

1/4tsp garlic salt (for me nothing compares to Lawry’s garlic salt)

1/4c mashed peas (keep frozen peas on hand). I find if I put in the small food processor they blend the best but you can mash with potato masher.

squeeze of lime

opt: 1T chopped cilantro

Blend peas in small cuisinart. Mash avocado with potato masher in a small bowl. Chop red onion and dice tomato. Blend all together with spoon. Add just a dash of Lawrys garlic salt and a squeeze of a small lime.