I usually stay away from pressure cookers but the Instant Pot has changed my life. Order online. It was recommended to me by Chef AJ. In 30 min (plus 30 to cool down). you can have a huge pot of soup or chile. I like that the light stainless steel liner is easy to lift and clean after use. Read manual about pressure relief valve. I found very easy.

In pot, put all the following ingredients:

2c. dried yellow lentils (I used to use brown like picture but found yellow so much better)

8c. water

1 tablespoon ground Garam Masala

3/4c.  chopped onion. Red is better for you than yellow but your choice

2 chopped medium carrots

2 chopped medium celery stalks with leaves

2 minced cloves garlic or 2 t. granulated garlic

2t. salt or yellow miso. May have to adjust when done. (miso has a lot less sodium)

2t vegetable broth concentrate (I buy at costco or winco) Can also use 2 t. miso paste. Less salt.

Seal lid, press soup button and wait 30 min. You do not need to press start. Once done, it goes into a warming cycle. I make sure the little round metal button on top is recessed. I let pot do its thing and complete cycle to make sure. Hr total time.

Note: When vegan, keep a pot of soup in fridge every week because something warm in tummy always makes you feel satisfied.