I got this from Love and Lemons Every Day. I love it frozen, cut into squares and eaten with my fingers. I served it here at game night, slightly defrosted so girls could eat with a spoon. Still yummy. I made a few changes noted as you read.

Make crust:

8 large pitted chopped Medool dates

1c walnuts

3/4c whole rolled oats

1/4t salt

2T water

Blend all in a large food processor. Spread in bottom of 13x9 pan or as above, I used muffin pan.

Make filling:

In food processor you just used, combine until creamy the following

1 (14oz) coconut cream. Pricey, but I also found at Grocery Outlet and Trader Joes for less. This is coconut cream, not coconut milk.

1 1/4c raw cashews (I have mentioned before, if you have a Winco, their bulk section is fresh and extensive.)

2 T lemon zest or 2 teaspoons plus a teaspoon lemon flavoring which I had.

1/3c lemon juice. My tree is a Myer lemon

1/3c maple syrup. Use the real deal, not pancake syrup

1/8t sea salt (optional)

Pour over crush. Freeze overnight to ice cream bar consistency or at least 4 hours. You can always defrost for 10 min. if frozen hard for serving with a spoon.