My sons make pizza so I’ve never tried. Wanted an easy dinner with salad and soup. We never got to the soup as the three of us ate the whole pizza.

Make sauce:

1/4c. raw caschews

1 avocado

squeeze of lemon

1/2c cilantro

2 T water

½ small green chile seeded. (or mince and fold into sauce)

1 peeled garlic clove

Blend the above in the vitamix. Set aside.

Pizza dough:

Buy one fresh garlic or whole wheat fresh pizza dough from Trader Joes. Notice there is a due date on pizza dough. I made day before due. Note: I keep these in freezer. Take one out in morning to defrost, and by dinner time it is ready to turn out for rolling.

Turn bag of dough inside out onto floured pastry cloth, silpat or board. Let rest 20 min. It defrosted all day and feels room temperature you don’t need to rest another 20.

Roll dough gently into a circle.

Spread cilantro cream generously over dough. You will not quite use all. (This is very good on tacos also)

I think your creativity comes into play next.

Another option is to lightly spread pizza sauce over pizza. Add assortment of vegetables and drizzle the cream sauce over top. I had a fresh zucchini from the garden, some mushrooms, Morning Star crumbles, a red chile pepper, pickled red onion and pine nuts . I sliced the zucchini and mushrooms very thin then layered them in circle all around edge and mushrooms on inside. Sprinkle pine nuts, red pepper. And shake Frontier seasoning all over. Don’t replace with just another curry brand. This one has several other ingredients so it might be the key. Lightly spray top with the oo canola oil spray in can. Don’t drizzle oil, it’s too much. Just a light spray helps with browning. But not necessary. The spray is caloric. Only lightly spray edge around. Maybe soymilk would work also.

I baked on a round pizza pan that has holes all over it. (this helps to cook center through as air comes through it) Cover pizza with foil til last 10 min. at 350 for 30 min. If your crust is very thin, it is not going to take that long. You might not need foil then. After 30 min. I cranked up oven to 450 and took off foil to crisp top. Watch it though, it happens fast.

I served with fresh green onions and previously baked tofu sprinkled over top.

We vegheads did not miss the cheese.