This recipe was done during a recent trip to Molokai. Went to grocery store to see what’s up for vegans. Found Uka Soba noodles. I remember when my kids were small, their friend was Phillipino and his mom made this noodle dish for them as a snack after school, so when I saw these I had to try.  I notice a lot of people are Phillipino here in Molokai, thus a lot of products in the grocery stores for them. Unfortunately, there is a lot of poor eating here and diabetes levels are high. Fried donuts, too much meat and processed foods.

The pkg of soba noodles says boil noodles for two minutes and then drain, which I did

I put 2 vegetable bullion cubes in a 1 1/2c. of water in a skillet with 2T Braggs aminos sauce. I added one small red pepper diced and brought to a boil. Lower heat to med to cook for another 2 min til red pepper just cooked but not soft. Grate 1T. ginger into skillet. Add the drained noodles and 3/4c. chopped green onions. Add ½ of a block of smoked tofu diced or bake your own firm tofu on a baking sheet which has been cut into cubes. Serve with more green onion tops on top. Can also add peas, or cooked carrots, asparagus just to get more vegetables.

Ikebana is Japanese flower arranging. You arrange flowers where you are with what you have. The house we stayed at had this lovely vase. i walked the property and came up with this arrangement. It is the life cycle of a tree from bloom to dried pods.