These are my go to for an appetizer or a sandwich with a cup of soup.

I’ve tried to simplify so ingredients might not be in the picture. You’ll see.

1 package Three Ladies Rice paper. I only use this brand. Others get gelatinous. They are round. I now only use the large size. I also have tried whole wheat ones but I like not so much.

1 package chinese noodles. These will last awhile. I now use Well-Pac noodles for chow mein. They boil in 5 min. and don’t stick to your hands like rice noodles. Taste great too. Drain and keep in colander over a bowl.

1 carrot cut in half and then each half cut into sticks as shown. Called Julienned

1 cucumber cut in half and deseeded. Run a spoon down center channel. Put the seeds in a green drink.

1 pkg. baked tofu block cut in sticks. Not too skinny. Note: I now just bake my own tofu that has been cut into sticks.

1c. of mint leaves. Place a few whole leaves in each roll.

10 green leaf lettuce leaves cut in half with rib removed. Green leaf is soft but romaine also works. These two are best. Never iceberg.

Cut all the ingredients to prepare for your assembly line. Carrots,cucumber,tofu,noodles,lettuce, mint. and  following Sauce

Mix together following sauce in small bowl and set on your assembly line

1/3c. Mae Ploy sweet chile sauce

2T. rice wine vinegar

2t. fish sauce (I told you we were veganish. I believe in very small fish like anchovies or sardines. You are using very little and it gives the rolls that Vietnamese flavor. Ok to leave out.

Fill a pie pan 3/4c. full with room temp water.

For a family fun meal, have everyone sit around with your assembled ingredients. You can demonstrate the first one by dipping a wrapper in water in the pie pan. After 30 seconds. Lift and shake off excess water. Lay on plate and gently spread out till completely flat.

In order lay: piece of lettuce,small handful of noodles, piece tofu, 2 sticks carrot and cucumber, 1t. of sauce, and the 2 leaves of mint.

Take bottom of wrap and fold over all ingredients or 2/3. Fold in sides, then finish rolling.

Serve with more Mae Ploy sweet chile sauce or you can mix in a little pnut butter and rice vinegar.