Cook over med. heat 1c. dried yellow lentils in 2c water until soft Add to bowl.

Microwave 4 carrots until tender. Then chop in cuisinart. Add to bowl

In cuisinart chop each following ingred at a time and then add to mixing bowl:

1 small onion

1 bunch of parsley

½-1c. walnuts

1/2c. oatmeal

Finish by adding following to same bowl:

1/2c oatmeal not ground

1t. horseradish

2t. minced garlic

2T. sundried tomatoes ground in coffee grinder. Buy at trader joes. Not the ones in oil.

All should be in one bowl now. Mix and pat into a 9x9 pan if you want lentil loaf or use large ice cream scoop to fill each leaf starting at large leaf end, rolling toward stem. When you get to stem cut off stem. Mix 1/2c catsup with 2T. bbq sauce of choice. Spread over top. Bake 350 covered tip last ten min w/foil for 40 min.

Serve with root mash: one rutabagas, one turnip and one sweet potato. Not the yam as it will be too orange. You want to fake people out and make them think it’s mashed potato.

Gravy to make it really All American: 1c. cold water, 2T cornstarch, 1t-1T.. kitchen bouquet. (can use soy sauce or worteshire) Mix all together in the  water. Heat til thickened.

Green beans go well with this as well as a salad.