My husband went to a golf tournament and told them he was vegan. The nice lunch go-fers went all the way to Subway to bring him what he wanted. Unfortunately, it had cheese on it. He brought it home.  Next day he  brought it to work transformed. Note: The chef at tournament had already made my husband a rice, bean and veggie bowl he said was great but they didn’t tell lunch coordinators.

One veggie Subway sandwich minus the cheese



thin sliced zucchini

pepperochinis or pickled jalapeños

Boughten smoked tofu or baked tofu squares ( I take a block of fresh tofu and cut into squares. Bake in oven on silpat on a cookie sheet. I baste with leftover sauce of any kind or barges aminos for flavor but can sprinkle with spices of choice.

Take out all the ingredients. Scrape out the bun of excess bread so you are making a shell of a bun. The cheese will come off when you do this.

Now reassemble with all the ingredients.

Note: You can ask Subway to do the same. I don’t think they have zucchini though.