2023 has seen a bumper crop of figs. My good friend's husband brought us over so many. We freeze a lot for our oatmeal in winter, eat a lot fresh and dehydrate some for hiking. My son made jam out of his figs and I wanted to see if I could still enjoy by making a compote. Above is my breakfast of a dense european bread w/peanut butter I grind,banana and the compote.

In a saucepan combine:

6 large figs smashed with potato masher

4 chopped Medool dates or 6 small

juice of a med lemon squeezed

1/4c water

Cook mixture on med until starts to bubble and then turn down to low until liquid evaporates and mixture becomes of jam consistency. You may have had to add a little more water if you cooked to warm and disipated  before thick. Keep in fridgerator. The lemon is like a preservative to keep in fridge but I froze some for later.