1 block of tofu extra firm 16oz.

4 scallions diced

1/2c sweet red pepper diced

1/4c. diced celery

1/3c. minced parsley

2T. pickle relish

2-3T vegan nayonnaise (if not in store, try a health food store) You might want more.

1t. garlic powder

2T. stoneground mustard (don’t use a different one. this one has seeds)

1/2t. turmeric

2T. nutritional yeast

2t. lemon juice

2t cider vinegar

Drain tofu and set in strainer on paper towel. Put paper towel on top and weight. Let sit while you add other ingredients to a bowl. blend ingredients. Add tofu you have gently expressed the moisture from on top of ingredients and mash with a potato masher gently. Blend all together. Adjust seasonings with salt and pepper or extra nayonnaise. Serve with Lavash crackers.

Lavash Crackers

We all love chips. I have tried various things to make my own like tortilla chips but they are too chewy. I cut lavash sheets with a pizza cutter into triangles. I very lightly sprayed the cookie sheet with olive oil in a can. Then the same to top of crackers. I sprinkled with very little garlic salt and baked at 350 for 5-10min. Watch because too brown does not taste good. They hold dip very well. Yum.