I call it veganish because it has 1T of plain yogurt per 16oz.

1 32oz Trader Joes soy beverage. Or any that is only soy and water. Not one that has added gums etc.

2T arrowroot (it is like cornstarch) A scant T. Do not overfill.

2T. plain Greek yogurt (do not use plant based yogurt)

Instant pot. A must have for vegans.

2 quart mason jars

Divide soy beverage between mason jars. Add 1T of yogurt and 1T of arrowroot to each jar. Set jars on top of instant pot insert. Cover each with plastic. Close lid. Hit yogurt button. It should say 12 in digital window. I make at 7pm so by 7am you have yogurt. If you want to add sweetness you could add a little jam or honey when finished, otherwise it is a little tangy which I prefer.