Note: I actually found Farro Linguine and the Zucchini linguine is made with a potato peeler.Peel two small zucchini in wide strips. A good way of cutting down the amount of pasta. Serve on top of the raw zucchini linguine

In large deep sided skillet blend

1 med onion diced

2 stalks celery diced

2 carrots diced

2 small green chile peppers. deveined and deseeded. Cut in half and deseed with a spoon.

Add 1c. of water and cook til softened. Then add

1c sliced or diced mushrooms. any kind

1c. sliced zucchini

2T. capers with the liquid

4 bottled in water artichokes, halved (costco has huge bottles)

4 large swiss chard leaves, not stems.

1 15oz can stewed tomatoes that have been crushed

1/4t. crushed red chile pepper flakes

½ jar Classico spaghetti sauce. I prefer this brand as ingredients don’t scare me away.

Simmer until carrots tender and zucchini al dente (barely soft). Do not cover or you lose color of veggies.

Bring 3c. of water to boil. Add a small handful of preferred pasta to water. Cook til al dente. Drain, reserving ½ c. of the water. Add this and pasta to the sauce. (the starch in the water keeps the pasta from clumping together) Simmer until some of the water evaporates and just saucy.

Plate zucchini linquine on serving platter. Serve Farro Linquine on top. Serve with a salad that includes garbanzo beans for more protein. I usually have an appetizer before that includes protein if not so much in the main.